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For Halloween, I dressed as mission control and my daughter wore my handmade Apollo 11 suit!

As a NASA fanboy, I fell in love with the Apollo 11 flown 105.012 Speedmasters. When my wife was pregnant with my daughter, I set a goal to buy a used Speedy with box and papers. I wanted one watch that I could wear daily and pass down to my children some day. I used the watch to time everything; laundry cycles, water boiling, even my wife's Lamaze technique. 
But as time went on, I became more obsessed the watch industry, than the watch on my wrist. At one point, I even sold my heirloom Speedy to fund another more "sought-after" model. I thought that maybe the new watch could become my new heirloom. The regret was not instant. New watch after new watch I regretted the decision more and more. Over a year after I sold my heirloom watch, I contacted the original buyer and bought it back at the same price, this time without box and papers, as he had lost them. I was worried that the heirloom would lose value without the box and papers. That is when it hit me, I don't care how much monetary value it has! I felt a new freedom to love my watch and not worry what anyone else thought.
As an Industrial Designer by profession, I had the itch to customize my watch. I had always disliked the stock bracelet, so I swapped it for a vintage one. I swapped the case back with a vintage service part. I cut the shine of the bezel insert down with some harsh chemicals. But even this was not the end of my modifications (some that would make a modern watch enthusiast owner gasp). I'm sure the watch has since lost significant monetary value, but has become my pride and joy. It felt good to go against the expectations of the watch community and build something that I could call my own. And this is where the radial bezel came in. Either on Astronaut Al Worden's wrist, or on the Alaska prototypes, it has always been my favorite bezel design. I simply love it. As an industrial designer by profession, I have daily access and ability to prototype custom parts. Well one day it hit me, I'm going to bring the radial bezel to life for my own personal watch. After many iterations, I finally brought the radial bezel back to life. The current product is exactly what I have installed on my personal Speedmaster, and I am proud to offer it to the admittedly niche group of people that may share my passion. As a NASA enthusiast, I find no issue with recreating prototype parts that otherwise would never be available. Whether it be vehicles, watches, or anything else - there will always be purists that prefer bone stock. I am not a purist, I am an enthusiast. I will continue to customize and modify whatever brings me joy. Enjoy your life, and your watch. I found that (radialproject) has brought endless enjoyment to my wrist, and I hope it does to you too. And hey, maybe this will give Raynald some ideas for the next SpeedyTuesday...